At Pichs Flor Design you just have to ask and you will be satisfied: if you are looking for your wedding some church’s compositions in Teverola you can come and visit and ask any questions. Our shop, as well as magnificent bouquets and sumptuous decorations for the reception houses, also provides church’s compositions for weddings and ceremonies. We design and create, for each marriage, church’s compositions in Teverola and we offer quality and decades of experience in the field. Our mission is to make the wedding day unforgettable both for the bride and the groom, but also for the guests who choose to be close to them in a day so important and unique. The flowers are essential to contribute to a flawless success of the event and that is why, if you choose to rely on our expert hands, certainly you won’t regret it. Try to imagine a church packed with people at the moment of the arrival of the bride: to welcome her, there will be a churchyard festively decorated, with flowers cascading from towering vases. The focus will be all for the main protagonist and the aisle will be decorated with art and elegance, as well as the altar, dripping with masterfully arranged floral arrangements to embrace the two lovers at the time of the fateful "Yes". Our professionals will study into detail all the architectural details of the church, with nothing left to chance in a day so important as it is the one of marriage.

Depending on the style of the place, and also on the taste of the couple, they will think how to give life to a unique set design, combining style and elegance with colors and scents and giving voice to the desires of the newlyweds. To experience an even more memorable moment, let yourself be cradled by flower arrangements. Every detail will be taken care of personally by our experts, in order to satisfy the appeal of the couple and of the crowd and make the church an even more impressive and solemn place. Come and ask questions or quotes directly in the store or fill in our form in the contacts’ section. You will soon have a feedback by our staff.