Bridal bouquet in Teverola

You are about to get married and want to take care of every detail? The crown jewel of Pichs Flor Design are the gorgeous bridal bouquets in Teverola and in the surrounding areas. For over 20 years we have been dealing with flowers and what is next to them, and we think that simple bouquets of flowers have no reason to exist. flowers speak and tell a story of love and passion. This is also why our bouquets are so much more than plain flowers: they are something in which harmony of colors and triumph of scents blend and mix up together, combined with delicate ribbons that weave together to make the bride unique and beautiful. For an even more unique and unforgettable day let the poetry, that only the simplicity and beauty of a bouquet can convey, cheer you up. Among the services that we offer, in fact, the realization of the bouquet is one of those we care of the most, due to the attention to any single detail that it requires and to the fact that it is so important for any bride who is about to take this important step.

The bouquet will be the one par excellence, that every woman will have in her mind for the rest of her life: the right choice, therefore, is an important moment. Our bridal bouquet in Teverola are amongst the most renowned in the whole area and are created by experienced and professional staff, who work every day with the utmost dedication and passion. Each flower is chosen and molded together with the other one, and then become a unique set of colors and scents that hits the attention of any observer. Whether you prefer classic or special creations bouquet, at Pichs you can pick and choose from a wide variety of combinations available: in fact, we have all sorts of flowers and colors, and we want to please all brides according to their tastes and style that distinguishes them. Choosing the flowers matching the wedding dress is an important and fundamental choice to complete the look. What are you waiting for? Come to our shop! If you need any further information please fill in our form in the contacts’ section. Contact us and receive a quick answer from our staff about prices and quotes.