Decorations, floral arrangements and bouquets of all kinds and colors

Pichs creates floral arrangements in Teverola and offers quality and over twenty years experience in the flowers industry. What do we deal with? In particular, our services can be summarized in four basic points:

Decorations for villas (centrepieces, dining rooms, porches, receptions and banquets)
- Floral Bouquets
- Church’s Arrangements for weddings and ceremonies
- Christmas decorations (trees, rooms and gardens)

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Our decorations for villas transform the banquet into an entertainment for your eyes, including centrepieces triumphant and lavish nature that recall the main elements making up our planet Earth. Compositions meticulous in every detail and rich in colors give life to elegant dining rooms and places for unique reception.



The harmony of colors is the uniqueness about the bride's bouquet in her most beautiful day: a triumph of
scents, ribbons that are woven and flowers matching the dress. From the tender hands of the bride here blooms a bridal bouquet that will impress the guests.




The Church, to best accommodate both the guests and the bride and groom in their most awaited day, must be seen perfect during the day of the wedding at every corner and decorated in a unique and simple way. Inside it, nothing is left to chance and the floral design will adapt his/her work in a proper way to each particular church’s architecture to appeal both the eye and the heart.



At Christmas you live a daydream: try to imagine your own light, color, angels and decorations and we will realize them. Your Christmas tree will be unique and memorable, in order to spend at best the days of celebration with those who love you.
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